Some x10 Partner projects include:

Imaging Experts and Healthcare Services (ASX:IME) Imaging Experts and Healthcare Services (ASX:IME)

ImExHS is a Latin American based provider of next generation SaaS solutions that enable the efficient management and operation of healthcare facilities. ImExHS’s suite of web-based cloud solutions allow healthcare facilities to maximise ROI in its Radiology, Cardiology and Pathology operations through optimised digital workflows.

x10 Partner Seamus Woulfe initially helped ImExHS in developing and refining its business plan and go to market strategy. A public listing was identified early on as the optimal funding path for ImEXHS’s growth ambitions and three key factors were identified as pre-requisites to that listing. ImExHS needed to demonstrate that it had proven technology, a proven business model and a proven ability to scale into international markets. During the two years that Seamus worked with ImExHS, these three key milestones were demonstrated. Seamus then assisted in planning and executing a listing on the ASX such that ImExHS was fully funded for its next phase of international expansion beyond Latin America.

“x10 Partners created an opportunity for ImExHS to significantly accelerate both the scope and speed of our global expansion plans compared with previous private funding options. Seamus and the x10 Partners team added real value to the ImExHS business, prepared us for the public capital markets and organised staged funding along the way. They always worked with our best interests in mind.”
Dr. German Arango, CEO and Managing Director

Spookfish (ASX:SFI) Spookfish (ASX:SFI)

Spookfish is an Australian company focused on the development and commercialisation of next generation geospatial imagery products and services. Their revolutionary technology enables rapid imaging of entire countries in high resolution from a multitude of angles at a fraction of the cost of contemporary systems.

As business and corporate advisor, x10 Partner Stephen Rice led the company through the development of its technology roadmap and charted the business model and growth strategy. He applied for and received Government commercialisation grant funding and then successfully raised early-stage and seed funding.

He successfully journeyed the embryonic business through to the capital markets including negotiating, preparing and guiding the reverse take-over transaction. Following that, Stephen acted as CEO providing a stable and systematic approach to establishing the business as a public company. He hired the team, lead the establishment of business systems and processes and led the culture of the organisation, establishing the foundations of a substantial enterprise.

“As a founding Director, I can write with confidence about Stephen’s outstanding contribution to Spookfish and his leadership during the early stage development and subsequent ASX listing of the company. His achievements in raising early stage and development funding and negotiating and positioning the company for public listing were exceptional.”
Mike Von Bertouch, Director

Bulletproof (ASX:BPF) Logo Bulletproof (ASX:BPF)

Bulletproof is the leading mission critical cloud provider in Australia, providing Managed Public and Private Cloud services to business, enterprise and Government customers.

The successful listing of Bulletproof in 2014 was the culmination of several years of work with x10 Partner Paul Lowry. Paul initially helped Bulletproof by reviewing its business goals, advising on areas of focus and on refining and aligning strategy with those goals. Following determination that a public listing process was a key element in the future strategy, Paul was mandated to assist the company in executing its listing plans by way of a reverse listing under the ASX listing rules. This involved finding a short list of shell companies, helping with the negotiation and selection of the appropriate vehicle, and then driving and executing the transaction, including a capital raising under prospectus, and the acquisition of Bulletproof Networks by the listed shell (which was renamed to Bulletproof Group Limited in the process).

“The value Paul brought to Bulletproof through the process was far in excess of what a good adviser would be expected to bring, including the thorough education of the Bulletproof owners into the world of listed companies. We found that Paul always acted in our best interests rather than just closing a deal and Paul has continued to be regarded as a partner inside our business as we grow.”
Anthony Woodward, CEO